BlackJack update

Jack's favorite spot for the morning sun

You can check out the link in the sidebar about PSS, aka liver shunt. This is what BlackJack was diagnosed with last May. The vet put him on Hill l/d canned food, and 3 medications. At that time, Jack would eat the food with no problem and we were able to give him his medicine.
But, it didn't take long before he figured out the medicine and stopped eating the food altogether.
They say 'he'll eat when he's hungry', right? Wrong.

We are now 9 months later and have been coaxing him to eat for several months, anything at all. For awhile, a scrambled egg would work...then he refused. French fries.....then he refused. Chicken in small quantities mixed with rice (restricted protein)....then he refused. Toast....not anymore. Eggo waffle....nope. We've done oatmeal, yogurt, cheese, green beans, red pepper....we have made omelets which almost looked appetizing to us....not happening.

He has pretty much stopped eating at this point. We are going in to Day 3, no food. It's sad. It's frustrating. I'm not sure what to do at this point for him.

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