Cattail Cove Jeep Trail-

These are the 4 other jeeps we did the return
trail with. We are the blue jeep, of course
(Please click on photos to see up close)

This is Mark's CJ7 ~ making a tough climb
over some pretty good rocks.

First of all, when we arrived in Lake Havasu two days ago, we did not anticipate tons of people everywhere. But there were, because the annual pyrotechnics show was going on this weekend. But, we were so lucky to have spotted a gorgeous drycamping spot (pictures to follow) on our way in to Lake Havasu, about 15 miles south. So, we hit Basha's for groceries, and hightailed back to BLM land. Absolutely beautiful view, level ground, lots of room. We are happy.

Next morning, after consulting our 4 wheel drive book, we decided we would check out one of the jeep trails. As we are loading up the jeep, a CJ7 drives up and asks if we're heading 'up'. "Sure", we say. He then asks if we 'want some company.' "You bet!"

What an awesome day! We've got LOTS of pictures that I will post, but our internet connection is slower than usual in this spot, so I will wait till tomorrow or the next day.

We did Cattail Cove trail with the Cj7 - Mark, Carrie and their daughter, Lexi. Nothing too technical, but the scenery was beautiful and it felt great to be out on a trail again!

As we came to the end of the trail, there was another group of three jeeps ready to head back. The guys talked, compared jeeps, looked under, over and in....next thing I know we are all five heading out, but not the same way we came in. These guys were experienced jeepers and knew an alternate route which did involve some ROCKS and good articulation. Henry knows what he's doing, knows how to maneuver the rocks, and climbed right along with them.

We had a great time, met some super nice people, and by the end of the day I felt like I 'played hard all day', and was now tired.

Side note: BlackJack was wiped out.

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