Yakima it is.

In uploading the picture of our rig today, I
noticed this photo of BlackJack from a couple
weeks ago...basking in the sun.

We arrived two days ago in Yakima. The trip was good....uneventful. We planned our drive through Cabbage Patch so that we would avoid the snow in the forecast.

Yakima is a much larger city than either of us anticipated. We don't usually spend any length of time in cities, so our time here will be interesting. We will be looking for the off-road trails and country roads, which I'm sure there are plenty of in this area.

Apparently, Yakima is known for their wineries, which we also didn't know....and is right up our alley! Agriculture is a major industry here...apples, raspberries, strawberries.

A drive around the city and a visit to the place Henry will be working was on our agenda yesterday.

Side note: A Class A MH is sounding better and better every day.

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