Obama, Our Next President? God Help Us!

I guess all this political talk on TV and the internet is beginning to worry me. I came across the following information about Barack Obama....now I'm just downright scared, as we all should be. If we had any 'balls' at all, we, as Americans, would be damn sure that we do not elect this non patriotic, muslim, racist (reverse racism, obviously) scumbag.

Please click on the following link and prepare to be angry.


Now, I know the man refuses to wear the U.S. Flag pin on his lapel. To be honest, I was immediately offended when I read that. He wants to be OUR president in the United States of America and represent Americans, but he won't display OUR flag?!

Now, I just saw the clip of Obama, Clinton, and two other folks standing on a platform in Iowa, with a huge American flag proudly on display as their backdrop. Obviously, the Pledge of Allegiance was being said, because three of the four on stage had their hand over their heart. What was Obama doing? Standing 'at ease', kind of dumpy looking with arms dangling. Now, I am just down right pissed off! What a worthless piece of human flesh.

That dirtbag doesn't have the decency, heart, or soul to respect our men and women who have proudly served and are serving our country...not to mention the thousands who have given their life for our FREEDOM. What a slap in the face!

We have Oprah and the Kennedys who have thrown their money and support behind this guy. I'm not surprised at that when you consider what they stand for...But, what is very despairing are the numbers of Americans who will actually vote for him! There is a strong likelihood that he will be our NEXT President!

Like I said, God help us. And I am talking about God, my Saviour, The Almighty, The Prince Of Peace.
I am NOT referring to 'allah, buddha, or a 'greater being.' The only comfort in any of today's world troubles in my mind, is that I know God is in control. There would be no hope, if not for that.

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