Ayers at it Again

Guess who? Anyone with a remote particle of brain knows who this assclown is. Bill Ayers, unrepented terrorist, anti capitalism, anti American assclown who should quite frankly high tail his scrawny ass to a country like Cuba or Venezuela. Ugh. Gateway pundit is reporting the following today:

By: Andrea Ryan

Obama’s radical Marxist buddy and mentor, Bill Ayers, wants to know why American soldiers in uniform get to board airplanes first. He posed his offensive question Friday to OWS protesters in New York City, where he and his terrorist cohort and wife, Bernadine Dohrn, lectured young minds on the dangers of a militarily strong United States.

The unrepentant terrorist and former leader of the violent and radical group, the Weather Underground, doesn’t understand why we, in America, show deference to those who protect our freedom. His confusion makes sense for someone whose mission has been, and still is, “to create a clandestine revolutionary party for the violent overthrow of the U.S. Government“. A Marxist revolutionary who hates America and doesn’t believe in freedom would certainly hate those who stand on the wall every day to protect it.

Message to Ayers-------soldiers in uniform should board airplanes first because they are the men and women that fight every day and risk their lives to provide YOU the very freedom that permits you to spew your vile and hate filled rhetoric to the idiot college kids attending the liberal colleges across this great country we call AMERICA. Land of the free. Home of the brave!

Because you despise these brave men, I hereby respectfully DEMAND that you and your terrorist wife, board the next departing flight to Havana...one way, of course. I am certain you will both be better suited in the environment Cuba offers. Your residency under the Castro regime will allow you NO freedom of speech, free health care in lice infested clinics, (treatment however, must first be approved by the government), food rations at the discretion of the Cuban government and a 1951 vehicle of your choosing. There is no capitalism in Cuba, so you should enjoy that immensely. I would be happy to arrange the travel arrangements for you, at no cost. Looking forward to your call!

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