Blowing in the Wind

Obama, Obama, Obama. He is such a dirtbag. The list of 'green' companies that have received OUR taxpayer dollars by the hundreds of millions are falling like dominoes. The latest is a company called A123. What is pathetic, is how our idiot in chief paints these companies like they are the best thing since sliced bread, and how they will create thousands of jobs......until they file for bankruptcy taking OUR money down with them. The video below received virtually no attention, until now. It shows Oblowme, Michigan governor Granholm and Steven Chu praising and promising.

A123 Systems, which opened its lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant in Livonia in September 2010, saw its stock plummet to the lowest price ever at 82 cents this week. The previous high was nearly $26.

Bankrupt. No jobs. Our money gone with the wind. I wonder about those unicorns.

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