Obamacare, round Two..or is it Three?

Via gatewaypundit:

According to the Independent Journal Review,

In a move to attempt to implement the President’s healthcare law, otherwise known as ‘Obamacare’, $500 million has been shifted around from one federal agency to another. Quietly, half a billion dollars is being moved from the $1 billion implementation fund (or slush fund) that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) oversees, to the Internal Revenue Service.

The IRS will play a key role in implementing the individual mandate and the money being allotted to them is intended to go to develop infrastructure to enforce it. The mandate, of course, is the biggest question in the Supreme Court case currently being heard, and the most controversial.

HHS has made plans to empty the $1 billion dollar fund by September, just months before the Presidential election and more than a year before actual implementation time for the healthcare law. Since the implementation money was put aside as a federal implementation fund, any federal agency can use the money.

Moving closer to implementation isn’t likely to help the President’s chances in the Supreme Court, or in the Presidential election.

The branches of government be damned. Obama’s not parting with his hideous, vicious beast that has the throat of our liberty in its mouth; because, that’s an inconceivable and unprecedented amount of power for our Marxist president to just give up.

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I posted about this earlier this morning, but the text stretched clear across the columns, so I am reposting from gatewaypundits

Site. I had mentioned how a dear extremely liberal friend of mine had told me back when Obamacare was signed into law, that the whole thing would be repealed within a year..I think she read that in the Yuma newspaper. What she failed to understand is that getting huge programs like this reversed usually takes an act of Congress...and our congress supported the Bill! I'm not holding my breath waiting for the Supreme Court to overturn it either, as they will likely be bribed, pressured or threatened if they do not uphold it. No, I'm afraid we are stuck with the socialist Bill.

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