Mama Bear

Uh, no thanks. Eek.

Hey, I was reading today that Sarah Palin will be hosting an NBC show with Katy Couric. Woo hoo! I may have to tune in to see that one. Maybe Palin will let Couric know a couple things this go around!


pam ridgely said...

Katie Couric will be co-hosting on Good Morning America and Sarah will be co-hosting The Today Show. Both will be on at the same time, but on different channels. Be interesting to see who gets the most audience.

Cin said...

AHHH. I totally had it wrong, didn't I? Oops.Thank you so much, Pam for the information.
I've been out of town for a couple days, and have to catch up on the news. I hope Palin's audience was HUGE.