Beautiful Weather

Every day has been gorgeous so far! Warm, sunny, and getting greener by the minute. The mosquitoes are not out in full force yet, and I know they will be awful, but for the time being, we are enjoying the sunshine.
We have been working hard at cleaning things up to our liking in the campground, and establishing a routine.
We decided to sell snack items after my brother had checked prices on everything from Sams Club. So, by yesterday I was ready to purchase them. Tony picked me up and away we went. Ending up with a couple additional items we thought might sell, we now can open the 'store'.
Henry has been repainting signs, raking leaves, cleaning, cleaning, sprucing everything up. By the time he starts his 'regular' job on Monday, I should be in good shape.
That's it from the campground for now.

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