Day 2, April 30th

Day 2 of our trip was interesting.
Wildlife sightings: 3 deer, 1 VERY large owl and a Black Bear.
We were pulled over in Prince George and were told that we had an 'illegal combination'. NO double towing in British Columbia unless you are commercial, which of course we are not.
So, now, we were looking at the next 800 or so miles in BC with me driving the jeep? Yes and no. We have located the weigh stations so far and hooked or unhooked the jeep as necessary.

Today is actually Day 6 of our trip as internet connection is sporadic or non existent. At this moment, I am sitting in the laundry room at an RV park with incredibly slow connection. When they advertise 'hi speed internet' or 'internet access' or 'satellite TV'..........not necessarily the case as we have found out. I will see how long this will take, but am hoping to post all our days...(we have some great pictures).....otherwise, It may have to wait till I get to Alaska.

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