Day 5, May 3rd


It rained the two days in Dawson Creek, so we hitched up and left in pouring rain, and plenty of mud. (yuk). I drove the jeep to the other side of Ft. St. John before we hooked up again. Had to bypass the weigh stations.

We stopped for the night in Ft. Nelson. Our trip is going quicker than we originally had planned, but we have found that lots of places of interest are not open yet.

Wildlife sightings: 3 moose, a Mamma black bear and her two cubs!
Diesel price in Ft. Nelson: $4.49 gallon

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Pam Ridgely said...

Tell little Blackjack to stay close to mom and dad as he could be someones lunch!! ie bear, wolf or other wildlife. Wouldn't want that to happen.....Pam