Gas Prices Hit An All Time High!

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Again, the headlines read 'gas prices hit an all time high'. Check out the article above. They say as the Memorial Day weekend approaches, prices have increased .05 cents per gallon nationwide.
The price of gasoline/diesel are not hurting the rich. They can afford the increases.
The only people being hurt are the lower and middle class people. They are the ones cutting back in other areas (such as food), to afford the increase in gasoline prices. Maybe they've taken a second job, or they're not ordering takeout....whatever. The average american family is cutting back somewhere else so they can afford to put gasoline in their car to take them to work, to earn their measly paycheck to pay their mortgage and their 'increased' electric bill.
Bottom line: The rich (that would be the regular rich, the oil company employee/employer rich, their families, and third world country employees) get richer and the poor get poorer. As they continue to live their lives with their $80.00 manicures or country club relaxation, the rest of us average american tax paying citizens will forego our next meal 'out' just to compensate for the increase in gasoline prices.

Such is life......??? Guess So.


Anonymous said...

Check this out:


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Just Us said...

Unfortunately, the 'page' is no longer available. I am curious, what did the article say?

Anonymous said...

I emailed it to you. Did you get it? It is an article related to your comments regarding oil company activity.