Day 10, May 8th

the route from Tok, Alaska

2 of the 4 Caribou..gorgeous.

Chugach Mountains


Our plan was to drive from Beaver Creek to Glenallen, but we continued on all the way in to Anchorage. We arrived about 6:00 p.m., just in time to play with the rush hour traffic.
The road out of Tok, Alaska all the way in absolutely rough. The frost heaves are everywhere, and Alaska doesn't do a very good job of marking them like Canada does.
Wildlife Sightings: 1 Swan, 2 Eagles, 4 Caribou, 2 Moose...and 4 Rabbits.............Note: The moose and caribou both, in Alaska, are much larger than the ones in Canada.
Diesel and Gas prices in Alaska: $2.79 unleaded gas
$2.87 diesel
(who says Alaska prices are higher than anywhere else?)

Weather here is beautiful. Sunny, warm, no snow. It's good to be somewhere. We will spend a few days here in Anchorage seeing kids and grandkids and head to Fairbanks on Sunday.

2200 miles from Bellingham to Anchorage, all without incident. Thank God. No chips in the windshield, no flat tires. Actually, the door to the spice cabinet did come open yesterday, and pepper was spilt in a pile on the floor. But, what's a little spilt pepper?

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