Day 7, May 5th

BlackJack sleeping in the Truck

Johnson's Crossing

Bald Eagle in flight

Sign Forest (Watson Lake)

Over 61,298 since 1942

Chehalis, Washington sign

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Today, we woke up to the sun shining!! What a pleasant surprise! We had our coffee, breakfast, and were on the road at 9:00 a.m.

Wildlife sightings: A small herd of caribou - 10-12, A gorgeous bald eagle (see the picture); and 2 wolves

The Signpost Forest in Watson Lake is pretty awesome! People from all over the world post road signs or homemade signs usually from their own city or state. It's fun to walk through the 'forest' and see if you can spot a sign from your hometown. Chances are, you will!

We were lucky to catch the picture of the bald eagle!

Johnson's Crossing (picture above) is famous for the 'world's best cinnamon buns'. Of course, we stopped, I bought, and they are right! Huge and excellent is how I would describe their cinnamon buns. The Lodge at Johnsons Crossing has been there since 1942.

We ended our day at Whitehorse and will be here for 2 days. I have never spent any time in Whitehorse and I know there's lots of history here, so tomorrow we will check it all out. The sun is still shining, AND as I type this, it is 8:00 p.m., the sun is still high in the sky!

Welcome to the North!
(This trip wouldn't be complete without BlackJack. He is the BEST little traveler, and I think he's got the whole routine down.)

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Gail & Bonnie Quinn said...

Great pictures, we can't wait to leave. We have an Eagle nest on our land in Westfield, WI., but the only picture I got of one of the eagles in flight was not clear. See you in Fairbanks

Gail & Bonnie