Black vs. White...Or White vs. Black

I have no desire to get into why the young black killed was killed, or who started why first. I do, however, feel its important to point out that the hate as it relates to racism is not honestly about white vs. black. The story of this young boy has been reported literally 24/7, and even Oblowme has commented on it. FYI, Oblowme commenting is abbut stirring the pot of racism and right up his alley and the division between blacks and whites is exactly what he wants. Below, are five RECENT examples of blacks killing whites, but chances are you have never heard of these cases. When someone white is killed by a black person, the media is silent. But, if a black person is killed, by anyone other than black, we are inundated with protests, screaming, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson.....and Oblowme.

It is sad that the young man lost his life, but WHY does the media always have to make it about race when the victim is black????

White kid had gas poured on his face, and was lit on fire, as the two blacks kids said, “this is what you deserve white boy” and the Alinsky Media didn’t report.


White people that were pulled from their cars and beaten at the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds by the mod of black punks.


A black guy that killed his white girlfriend and dismembered her body.


Another black guy that killed his white pregnant girlfriend, and then killed a cop at point black range.


Obama is inciting hatred and violence, people. He wants the division, he wants the violence that follows.


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