You're not gonna believe this One!!

WASHINGTON) First Lady Michelle Obama was joined by the American Public Health Association and the Southern Poverty Law Center Monday in formally laying (partial) blame for the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin on the Mars Corporation and its popular candy, Skittles

Said Mrs. Obama to reporters at the White House, “We know the power of advertising and sugar-infused confectionery on the children of this nation. And we know the disproportionate eating habits between Caucasian and non-Caucasian youth. …The facts are the facts: had Trayvon Martin and his siblings not been tricked into a lifestyle of sweetened snack servitude this awful tragedy would never have happened.”

Obama added that a grocery store on the opposite side of the neighborhood where Martin was shot offered healthier choices for snacks, such as apples, arugula, and oxygen-flavored rice paddies. Had Trayvon and his brother (for whom he was buying the Skittles) not been dragooned into sweet candy addiction by Skittles, Trayvon would have taken a different route; one that would have not put him on his fatal encounter with community watch captain George Zimmerman.


Wow. Really??? The Obama's and the left have literally lost their marbles. What a ludicrous statement from the angry black woman!!!!!

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