Really tired of their Crap

Malia Obama on spring break vacation in Oaxaca, Mexico. RIGHT? The media quickly reported on it.

Shortly thereafter, all stories online about Malia's Mexico vacation were quickly scrubbed from the Internet,

The WH reported that they were in fact the ones that gave the order to remove the stories because ovomit's kids were, as always, off limits.

THEN.......a 7.6 earthquake occurred today in Acapulco, Mexico.

OOPS! The WH was quick to report that Malia is safe in Mexico. First, no reporting allowed, now suddenly they feel the urge to inform the public that Malia was not hurt? Which is it, OBAMA? We are not to know about your kids....or we are on a need to know basis? Because, frankly, I don't really give a damn...EXCEPT for the fact that your daughter traveled in my dime with an escort of 25 secret service agents and who knows How many personal assistants.....and what jet did she fly on???

Here's the kicker!! We all know Malia Ann Obama (MAO) attends the exclusive private Sidwell School. But did you know that Sidwell's spring break is not until NEXT WEEK?? The following is from their website:

Spring Break Dates/Hours/Fees


Spring Break 2012. 3/26-3/30

SOOOOO, spring break OR just another vacation?

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