Obozo strikes Again.

Our prez. signed yet another Executive Order last night. Did you know that? This one is regarding national defense resources preparedness. Sounds harmless, but is it? To summarize, it basically gives the Feds the power to take control of whatever they want in the event of a 'national emergency'. What constitutes a national emergency? With Obama in charge, this concerns me, especially with the state of our country today. Decide for yourself. I have put the link to the Executive Order below, but with my iPad and Blogsey, I still haven't worked out all the bugs in posting links.


AND THEN.........wow! I saw this story this morning. The CIA wants to spy on you through your television! It's not really too surprising when you consider the huge advances in technology, but why do I feel like we are moving towards socialism, or even communism? Our rights and our privacy is diminishing, and the liberals say.........'it's all for our own safety. If you have nothing to hide, what's the problem?'

I say........when we relinquish our right to privacy and right to free speech, we will no longer be free!





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