Since the “Food Safety and Modernization Act” (authored by Monsanto and other major agribusinesses) got pretty well “de-fanged” prior to passing, those same major agribusinesses have been very busy working to destroy every small farmer and rancher in the nation who does not buckle under and cater exclusively to them.

In the state of Michigan, the major agribusinesses in the field of meats and poultry are now working behind the scenes with the state Department of Natural Resources. They have declared all pigs that are not controlled exclusively by the largest of pork producers to be “invasive species”. With that declaration, they intend to do two things...destroy all the livestock the pig farmers have and actually convict the pig farmers of felony charges...thus, ensuring that they wipe out any and all possible competition and send the message to all who might think of going into farming that it can ONLY be done by contracting with them...

Here is one link to an interview with a Michigan pig farmer under threat of losing his entire stock and livelihood... http://buzz.naturalnews.com/000025-Michigan-pigs-invasive_species.html


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