Anybody Care?

"(CNSNews.com) - The amount of money the federal government takes out of the U.S. economy in taxes will increase by more than 30 percent between 2012 and 2014, according to the Budget and Economic Outlook published today by the CBO.

At the same time, according to CBO, the economy will remain sluggish, partly because of higher taxes.

“In particular, between 2012 and 2014, revenues in CBO’s baseline shoot up by more than 30 percent,” said CBO, “mostly because of the recent or scheduled expirations of tax provisions, such as those that lower income tax rates and limit the reach of the alternative minimum tax (AMT), and the imposition of new taxes, fees, and penalties that are scheduled to go into effect.”

From just 2012 to 2014, the increase in federal tax revenues from $2.523 trillion to $3.313 trillion equals $790 billion—or 31.3 percent."

But, who cares? There are far more important things today, right? Like, who did George Clooney take to the SAG Awards...or, how is poor Demi Moore doing after her drug abuse incident?  WAIT! Superbowl? NASCAR? --- Yes, I know that we can't change a lot of what is happening in politics today, but guess what?

Maybe if some of us had been involved earlier on, and paying attention,  we wouldn't be looking at a huge increase in taxes, or a likely four more years of Obama, or Obamacare ready to kick in. 

Yeah, most people will just be sitting around saying 'what! When did that happen?? How did that happen?'. Sorry, too late at that point. It is kind of like when someone is convicted to 15 years behind bars...it's too late to change that fact once the prison doors slam shut.  Same thing. Once the tax increase goes into effect, or Obamacare is fully implemented, or Obama is elected for another four years, its done and over,

I guess as long as Hollywood and the world of sports is still going than all is well.

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