Lettin' It Snow

AHH, winter. Snow. Ice. Sliding around as you're going down the road, hoping your car will stop at the intersection. Praying the person behind you can stop and doesn't plow into the back of you, and wishing you were wearing the proper winter gear, such as boots and gloves...just in case you slide into the ditch and find yourself treading in two feet of snow with your flats on.

Alaska is getting hammered this winter with snow, breaking all records since records have been kept. The following is from the Anchorage paper this morning.

"Another big snow fall hit the Anchorage area on Thursday. A day of heavy snow Thursday put the city at a total 88.8 inches for the winter, as of 3 p.m. According to the National Weather Service that makes it the snowiest period for Anchorage since records have been kept."

Yeah....no....don't miss it at all.

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