The Atrocity of Planned Parenthood

. I realize most people see Planned Parenthood as a decent organization. I used to believe they were. When I was younger, I actually thought they educated couples in planning their families. Then I got older, and wised up. Planned Parenthood is actually the place where young girls and women go to have an abortion. Planned Parenthood is also Federally funded...has been since 1970. So, just how many murders (Yes! Murders.)has Planned Parenthood committed on an annual basis? Here are some recent numbers:

"When compared with previous annual reports, the latest one shows an almost steady increase in the number of abortions performed at its clinics: In 2006, Planned Parenthood did 289,750 abortions; in 2007, it did 305,310; in 2009, it did 331,796; and, in 2010, it did 329,445–a small decrease from the previous year.

The annual report for fiscal year 2008-2009 does not include abortion or adoption figures, but a PPFA Fact Sheet posted on its Web site and said to be current as of September 2010, states that 324,008 abortions were performed at Planned Parenthood clinics around the country in 2008.


According to PPFA’s annual report for fiscal year 2007-2008,  in 2007 Planned Parenthood’s “adoption referrals to other agencies” totaled 4,912. In Fiscal Year 2010 that number was 841, a decrease of 82.8 percent."

So, as anyone with half a brain can plainly see, Planned Parenthood is nothing but a federal and state funded organization that encourages and performs abortions.now, I suppose if you are pro choice then you have no problem with the murdering of unborn babies. I love how this person put it, which echoes precisely the way I feel:

"Occasionally, folks wonder why I’m passionately pro-life. I tell them it’s because I’m passionately pro-choice. That is, I desperately want young girls to realize that, yes, every woman has a choice — until she doesn’t. Every woman has a choice before she gets pregnant. After she’s pregnant, the choice is gone. She will forever have been a mother, for however brief a time — and no abortion erases that. A woman’s body knows that, even if her mind and heart don’t. Sadly, more often than not, her heart realizes it, too. But where is Planned Parenthood after an abortion? Nowhere to be found. It’s up to organizations like Project Rachel to help women cope with the devastating and undisclosed aftermath of an abortion."

Last year, Planned Parenthood received $487.4 million in taxpayer money — but, as long as abortions account for 11 percent of its services, it doesn’t deserve a dime.

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