Remember This?

Well, that was four years ago. Today is a new day and he's got a new slogan AND words for his blind, dumb and deaf followers. Check it out:

Obama mentioned the word ‘change’ 26 times in his speech before 1,400 fawning supporters at the Apollo Theater in Harlem Thursday. He hailed seven policy accomplishments as “concrete examples” of promises from 2008 that have been fulfilled.

He also promised to affect additional “change”  in the next five years if voters agree to give him a second term in November.

“If you want to end the cynicism and the game-playing and the point-scoring and the sound bites that pass for politics these days, then you’ve got to send a message this year, starting right now, that you refuse to back down; that you will not give up; that you intend to keep hoping and keep pushing and keep fighting just as hard as you did four years ago,” Obama said.

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