Odumbo visited his hometown of Chicago last night... He's got lots of money to raise and lots of campaigning to do. Of course, when did he ever STOP campaigning? 

 In his pandering to the crowd, here is some of what he said:

 "If you’re willing to work even harder in this election than you did in the last election, I promise you, change will come"

 Talking to 140 of his neighbors and old friends just a few blocks from his home in Kenwood, he joked, “Is somebody mowing the grass in front of my house? I’m going to go over there and check

 Playing to the crowd, Obama said, “I’ll be honest with ya: I wouldn’t mind popping over to the United Center — I think the Bulls are playing tonight."

 When I first read his comment about his grass being mowed, I thought 'Chicago..January..snow..cold...why is he even mentioning mowing the lawn. . 

'change will come' he says. I have had enough change since the Obots elected him, four years go. I practically don't recognize this country there's been so much change , and besides that, the change he talks about is not for the betterment of this nation.  If he is re-elected, and I believe he will be, I doubt this country will survive.

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