Daley is Out

Bill Daley has resigned today from his position as White House Chief of Staff. Other than the obvious, that the rats seem to be fleeing, what's most intriguing is that the White House Insider's interview to DW Ulsterman back in August, said this would most likely happen. He has always stated that Valerie Jarrett is the real authority inside the White House and the one that calls all the shots. Here's what the Insider said back then:

…In the Obama White House, you have the Oval Office, and you have Jarrett’s office on the second floor. That second floor office has been where the real power has resided. That is no exaggeration. Jarrett has people around the Oval Office who report back to her. Everything. She sets the agenda and that agenda is sent directly to the president, who more often than not, never questions it. And as Jarrett assumed more control over the day to day operations of the West Wing, the president happily backed away. He had little interest in policy. He had even less interest in the work to form that policy. As long as he “looks good” – that’s all that matters to him, right? I know I’m repeating myself a bit here, but I’m getting to it.

....."Daley has support far greater than Valerie Jarrett’s relationship to the Obamas. They need him, and he knows that. And when Bill Daley leaves that White House, it will be on his terms, not theirs....

Nobody has ever challenged her absolute authority in the White House – until Bill Daley." 

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Valerie Jarrett, an Iranian American citizen is Obama's brain. Obama does nothing, says nothing unless Jarrett gives him the go ahead. Jarrett, below, left., Daley, Center.

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