Punk'd! HA!

Georgia citizens today delivered sworn testimony to a court that Barack Obama is slam-dunk disqualified from having his name on the 2012 presidential ballot in the state, because his father never was a U.S. citizen, which prevents him from qualifying as a “natural-born citizen” as the U.S. Constitution requires for a president.The historic hearing was the first time that a court has accepted arguments on the merits of the controversy over Obama’s status. His critics say he never met the constitutional requirements to occupy the Oval Office, and the states and Congress failed in their obligations to make sure only a qualified president is inaugurated. His supporters, meanwhile, argue he won the 2008 election and therefore was “vetted” by America.Via World Net Daily/Jerome Corsi 

 This is a huge win for conservative Americans! Neither Obama or his attorney bothered to show up at the hearing this morning, claiming that a presidents duties cannot be interrupted and they claimed the Judge hearing the case was letting "attorneys run amok". The Judge begged to differ and continued the hearing without Obama saying that their failure to appear....well, check out the letter above. Read the last line, it's priceless!

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