Spoken Like A True Conservative

SEE??? I am not the only one that has a problem speaking my mind when it comes to liberals. The following is from a friend. Love it!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!

HaHahahahaha!! I just love my dumbshit lib neighbors. Well...not really...but it's always fun to mess with them.

Was out getting the paper and ran into one of my most uber liberal neighbors, Ron. Apparently the battery in his Prius is dead so he was just wandering around the car unsure of what to do is my guess.

.Anyways, he has a college age son I found out not too long ago was one of those OWS dipshits in NY!So I asked Ron..." How's jr's campaign to topple capitalism going?"He responded "he's back home...the weather was really cold in NY & the cops were not cooperating(WTF?!?!?)"

. He then asked how I was doing and what I have been up to.I said "I've been working...ALOT, non stop matter of fact". I guess your son spent 3 months in NY for nothing cause last I heard Capitalism is alive and well....he should look into one of those job things...beats squatting on public property and dirtying up parks". "Oh...and good luck with your battery issue......you DO know you'll need ELECTRICITY to charge that thing, right"??Ahahahahahahaha...USELESS!! ALL OF THEM.

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