Czar Update...Another Czar To Be Appointed

The administration may appoint Kenneth Feinburg — who managed compensation to victims of the September 11 attacks — to oversee compensation paid to executives, according to a report filed at the Wall Street Journal. Let's not forget; all Czars report solely to Obama. They don't have to answer to Congress and they don't have to account for the almost $1.7 TRILLION DOLLARS they will be responsible for.

Today is a new day and looks like we will have another new Czar. Kenneth Feinburg will be our Pay Czar. Woo hoo! So, what exactly will the Pay Czar do? Any companies that have taken the stimulus money will now be told how much money they can pay their employees. That will be Feinburg's responsibility as the Pay Czar...he will determine how much money PRIVATE companies can pay their employees!
So much for capitalism....fast track to Socialism.

On a side note: The South Carolina Governor that refused to take $300 million of the stimulus money, has now been ordered...YES, ORDERED (forced) to take it!
Hey, it's like taking money from the mafia. You take their money, they own you.

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