Do Not Believe Obama's Lies

It's been a few days since IslamObama's speech in Cairo, Egypt. I have listened to the speech and I have read opinions of others regarding it.
The conclusion I have drawn is that his speech was never intended to be an outreach to the Muslim world, they (muslims) already acknowledge Obama is one of them. His speech was rather a continuing effort on his part to desensitize Americans into accepting Islam as a peaceful religion and Muslims as peaceful people.
Obama has already won the vote and support of 58% of the American population simply by speaking. He has no track record, he has no experience, he has no plan...for anything.
Yet, 58% of Americans hold on to his every word with bated breath and will believe everything that comes out of the man's mouth.

He had only to convince Americans that Islam is peace, Muslims are peaceful people and there are no terrorists. He took another step towards that goal last week in Cairo as he praised Islam. No matter that his facts were inaccurate or that his interpretation of the Koran was misleading, Americans loved every minute and ate every word up, then they sat back and watched another episode of Jon & Kate.
Most Americans are mesmerized by Obama's words....some even believe him to be the messiah...a god. Our younger generation are inspired by him as they see him to be one of them. The truth is Obama is NOT one of them. He's not even an American.

Bravo, Obama. Mission accomplished.

Muslims/terrorists have been infiltrating every country, including the U.S. at an alarming rate. Their goal is to become the supreme religion and implement Sharia Law in every country.They are full of hatred towards ALL nonbelievers. They are taught to hate, taught to kill. Do not be ignorant about their true motives.

Please go to the website barenakedislam (link to site is on the sidebar) and watch the videos there. It will open your eyes to the truth about Islam and Obama.View the videos, do the research.

Ask yourself why Obama has directed Attorney General Holder to enforce stricter laws against those who speak out against Muslims. Ask yourself why Obama continues his supposed effort to 'open dialogue' with Muslim/Terrorist countries. Ask yourself why Obama is taking control of our banks, auto industry, etc. No, really, ask yourself these questions and be honest when searching for the answers.

Obama is quickly destroying our country. With his actions, we are becoming weaker as a nation. As he grows our government and takes control of every sector, our freedoms and liberties are being stripped away a day at a time. It is so subtle most will not recognize the consequences, nor will they recognize this country.

Bravo, America. This must be the change you voted for.

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