Obama Invites Iranians To 4th July Parties

Muslims desecrating our U.S. flag

Now, isn't that special? Our muslim president is instructing U.S. embassies to invite the Iranians (muslims) to attend and celebrate Independence Day with us. Are you kidding me??!!
Look at the picture above! These people hate Americans, they hate our country. This picture was taken on the streets of New York City. This is our country, our flag! We should be ashamed we allow these acts to take place under our noses.
In case you've forgotten, Independence Day commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. It is a NATIONAL holiday in which we celebrate our history, our traditions, our freedom. We shoot off fireworks, have barbecues and all across the NATION, we sing "God Bless America", "The Star Spangled Banner', "America The Beautiful" and "My Country, Tis Of Thee".
Our men and women in uniform risk their lives every day to protect the very freedom and independence that allows us to celebrate on the 4th of July and now Obama wants to turn our Nation's day of freedom to embracing the very people that attacked our country on September 11, 2001!
I am not at all surprised at Obama's action. He does not love this country, nor is he an American. What I am surprised at is the complacency of the American people. Disgusting.

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