GM Up In Flames...But Wait...

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The Drive America Forward Act, fka Cash For Clunkers Act has raised its ugly head once again.

Talk about transparency...no pun intended, but please, this one is pretty freakin' obvious Obama.

GM, filed for bankruptcy protection today, Obamassiah, our dear leader (barf) stands before the almighty teleprompter and tells us again he does not want to run an auto company.....yeah, whatever, dude.

Our Government (Obama) now holds 60% interest in...guess what...AN AUTO COMPANY. No worry. He promises to 'get in and get out as quickly as possible'.

But then, tonight, this headline: "Cash For Clunkers". Perfect! GM goes nite nite, hands the keys over to The One, and now they're ready to pass the Cash For Clunkers Bill, which has been renamed, Drive America Forward Act. Your vehicle that does not meet the new CAFE standards Obama has set, can be traded in at the local GM in exchange for a $4500 voucher towards the price of a new, green friendly, good for the earth, teeny tiny itsby bitsy piece of shit car.

Look for this Drive America Forward Act to be buried in an FDA bill regulating food safety.

This will pass the Senate, very soon.

Welcome to your world.

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