Patriotism, Christianity, Military...Being Persecuted

What has become of our great country? The attacks on Christianity, patriotism and our military as of late is very disturbing. Law abiding American citizens are being told to remove the U.S. Flag, being told to not talk about God and being told to remove Military decals. We have been declared right winged extremists by our own Government... because we love our God and our country.

No wonder people are becoming angry and disheartened, myself included. It seems to me since Obama has been elected, our country is more divided, not less. There seems to be MORE racism, not less. More right-winged vs. left-winged, not less. There seems to be a harder line between Democrats and Republicans, not less.
When you consider his actions, it is easier to understand why things are the way they are.
Obama is kissing the masses of ragheads across the world...as he quotes the Koran. (barf)
Obama is threatening Israel. (we are the only ally Israel has ever had).
Obama is spending our country into oblivion & has quadrupled our deficit.
Obama is appointing czars for everything, who are accountable to him only.
Obama is responsible for the loss of over 1 million jobs since February.
Obama is apologizing for our country, our military, our past Presidents....every day.

Obama is protecting muslims in our country by issuing orders for stricter laws.
Obama has taken control of the auto industry.
Obama is in the process of nationalizing the banks.
Obama is appointing an unprecedented number of muslims to his cabinet.

The following news items are recent..

This out of Tulsa, OK. An Evangelical Church trying to help underprivileged children:

"They said they have a policy now whereby we can't come in and talk about God or Christ," Koehn said. "We can come in and play games and talk about moral things, but we can't mention the name of God."

Texas Woman Told to Remove 'Offensive' American Flag From Office:

“I got into work, I was met by my supervisor and told that there had been multiple complaints, that people found the flag very offensive and it had been taken down," McLucas told FOXNews.com

Remove Military Decals Or Be Towed At Dallas Condo

The Woodlands II On The Creek homeowener’s association in Texas has a rule in their homeowners association rule book, that no forms of advertisement are permitted on cars or homes on the property. So they sent Larrison a letter.
“…has observed that your vehicle has decal advertising on its exterior”
Apparently, the board is interpreting that rule to include military decals as forms of advertisement and therefore they must be removed. Otherwise, his car will be towed and he can face fines.

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