Muslim Pig

See this guy? He's the Muslim radical who shot and killed a 24 yr. old new army recruit and seriously injured an 18 yr. old army recruit in Arkansas yesterday.
Over the weekend, Dr. George Tiller, a well know late term abortionist was shot and killed in Kansas.
The Muslim: admitted Muslim terrorist. Studied in Yemen at a terrorist training camp. Admits to shooting the two young Americans because 'they don't agree with my religion.'
The Doctor: Late term abortion doctor. There have been over 60,000 late term abortions in the past year in this country alone. This scumbag doctor made millions performing these heinous acts.
The shooter of the Doctor: A right-winged extremist who confessed to killing the doctor.
One guess as to the where the MSM focused their story. You got it. The right winged extremist. Obama spoke publicly against the guy for killing the doctor. yet said nothing about the Muslim pig who targeted our military and said nothing about the doctor who has killed thousands of babies.
Murder is wrong. period. It's just interesting that 'some' murders are okay in the twisted minds of our president and the left.

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