Muslim Pig Pleads Not Guilty

This worthless excuse of a human being pleads not guilty in the cold blooded murder of the young army recruiter in Arkansas.
But, it gets better. He also claims he was justified in killing the young soldier. He stated that 'murder is when you kill someone unjustly'....then further stated 'this killing was not unjust. American soldiers kill innocent Muslim men in the Middle East. I was just fulfilling my Islamic duty, the killing was justifiable.'
For anyone still choosing to keep their eyes closed about Islam, this should open them, because his statement alone speaks volumes as to the mindset of these radical Muslim terrorists. In the name of Islam. Scary thought....there are thousands more of these pigs out there right now in our country with the same hatred who wish nothing more than to kill Americans, soldier or not.
I hope he never sees the light of day. Ever again.

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