Now Clinton's Apologizing For The U.S.

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In El Salvador, Clinton repeatedly stressed that she and Obama were committed to a "new approach to the region," one that emphasized engagement and cooperation and not ideological battles.
"We have to recognize that our country is not perfect either, that some of the difficulties that we had historically in forging strong and lasting relationships in our hemisphere are a result of us perhaps not listening, perhaps not paying enough attention," she told employees at the U.S. Embassy in San Salvador.

Frankly, I am sick and tired of Obama and now Clinton, apologizing for my country.
As Obama is headed this week for another bow to the King in Saudi Arabia, then on to Egypt; where he will deliver a major speech in Cairo to the muslims. In an effort to reach out his hand and open dialogue with muslim nations.....or something to that effect.

What is with the whole 'perhaps we have not been listening', 'we need to listen more'????

Geez, have you ever heard them speak up in defense of the U.S. and Americans?

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