Jerusalem Embassy..Obama Quietly Edits

More confirmation where Obama stands....and it is NOT with Israel.

Late on Friday The Washington Times' Christian Bourge obtained a copy of Presidential Determination 2009-19, latest in a series of pro forma memos to the Secretary of State entitled "Suspension of Limitations Under the Jerusalem Embassy Act."
This determination is a legally required waiver under said act to continue to delay the May 31, 1999 deadline for moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
Nearly identical memos like this have been issued every six months for the last decade.
Standard procedure, no big deal, right? Well in the Bush years the memo contained the sentence, "My Administration remains committed to beginning the process of moving our embassy to Jerusalem."

The Obama team has edited that passage out. This explains the Friday evening release.
Obama should explain exactly what his policy is on this issue, and why he is not committed to beginning the process of moving the embassy.

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