All Hail Obama?

Here we are, 100 days in to the presidency of our first African American president. I mention African American because the media and everyone brings it up. As I read articles from varying news sources, I wonder why they bring up the fact that he's black. In this day and age of equality, it should not matter the color of his skin, should it?
Besides, he's not really black...he's mulatto...oh yes, and muslim. But that's a religion..
The left would have you believe Obama has accomplished a lot in his first 100 days.
The right will tell you all he's doing is creating bigger government.
I believe, despite the spending, the bills he's signed, or the trips he's made, what is more important is the image he's presenting.
Most people never take the time to research truth, or read the text of lengthy bills in CONgress, so, the average joe is really only seeing the surface of Obama.
They see a young, good looking man. He speaks eloquently, providing his teleprompter is working, and he continues to mesmerize the audience with his charm. (I see nothing charming about him, but that's what I'm hearing).
After 8 years of George Bush, the American people were so desperate for 'change', it could have been Donald Duck's name on the ballot and they probably would have voted for him. Instead, it was Barack Hussein Obama's name on the ballot, so here we are with our first african american muslim president. Yup, 'change you can believe in'.
So, what image has Obama presented?
Remember when he was criticzied for not wearing a flag pin on his lapel? Now, he never leaves home without it.
Remember when he stood on stage during our national anthem and did not have his hand on his heart? No respect for our country.
Have you ever heard him say "God bless America"?
Remember when intereview by MSNBC, he slipped and said 'because of my Muslim faith?"
Remember the Greek Columns in Denver, or the president elect seal he had made? The plane scare two days ago in New York...we now know the White House was fully aware of it. (DUH, of course they were). Maybe Obama was hoping the people of New York would see that the plane was Air Force One and come out of the buildings to wave and cheer? Instead, people were panicking in the streets as they vividly recalled 9/11. And what was Obama's response?
"It was a mistake, it won't happen again." That's it??!!
He told the Republicans after they voted 'no' on his spendulus bill, "I won, I can trump you."
He said 'The only thing standing between you and pitchforks (american people) is ME.'
On his trip around the world...he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia! Don't even try to convince me otherwise. HE BOWED.
He refused to visit the graves of our fallen soldiers from WWII because he said he 'did not want to offend Germany'. Instead he visits a Mosque in Turkey!
He is best buds with the Castro brothers and Hugo Chavez......(they are the bad guys!)
He released CIA memos about waterboarding. Gee, thanks Obama for showing our poker hand to the enemy. Now he's going to release torture photos and go after Bush and others! If none of that scares you, you are a fool!
Meanwhile, He told CIA officials "I've got your back."
He changed the name 'war on terror' to 'Overseas Contigency Operation' so as not to offend the terrorists. i.e. muslims.
He danced all across Europe and Latin America apologizing for America's arrogance!!
He fired the CEO of GM. General Motors was a private business. Now the Government owns 51% stock in the company.
He is nationalizing the banks, and he will get his nationalized health care.
But, the average Joe cannot manage to see beyond the surface of Obama. Pretty clever on his part! With every crisis, he distracts us. Or, as Obama's Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel says, "never let a good crisis go to waste."
The Somali pirate incident, Swine flu, Specter switching parties. All distractions while he is pushing his agenda? I don't know, but I do question.
He's extending an olive branch to terrorist countries and stating 'Americans do not torture.'
Those terrorist countries torture their OWN people! They pull out fingernails and toenails. They behead their own people, they hit them with boards with nails. They hold cattle prods to the scrotums of their own men. And, not because those people are committing terrible crimes. Their crimes can be as trivial as delivering one load of rice instead of two. Do you seriously believe they do not want to kill us? They hate Americans. It is a known fact. Research it.
Yet the only thing millions of Americans see is a halo floating above Obama's head. They call him 'savior' and 'messiah'. Truly frightening.
In my opinion, Obama is not an American and he is not doing anything in the best interest of America. He's like a rotten lawyer who sells his own client down the river to further his own agenda. His agenda is what scares me. So here we are...the first 100 days of Obama. It is going to be a very long four years, if we survive it.

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