Hmmm...Calling Pelosi And Napolitano!!!!

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Today we have this news out of Greeley, Colorado. A letter, written in spanish, arrives at the Weld County's Sherriff's Office, threatening to place bombs around the city of Greeley next week unless the 58 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS Weld Country is holding are not released.

What do we have here?

1) Bomb threat
2) Letter is written in spanish
3) 'release the illegal immigrants'

Gee, I wonder if a law abiding, taxpaying, working American 'right winged extremist' sent such a letter?

Pelosi with her anti-american comments directed towards anyone NOT in favor of the poor illegal immigrants, and Janet Napolitano with her right winged extremist DHS report directed towards U.S. veterans, pro life, American citizens....then this news today.

Here's a thought: Why don't we send Pelosi and Napolitano down to Greeley, and they can appeal to whomever sent this letter. I'm sure the spanish speaking author would be more than happy to retract his words and maybe even say "I'm sorry"...in spanish, of course.

Instead, the folks in and around Greeley will be living in fear of their own lives for the next week as this bomb threat could unfold into a real scenario.

Pathetic. Our Government is absolutely a disgrace.

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