A Little Left Winged Extremism..(omg)

Perez Hilton, a judge at the Miss USA Pageant, asked Miss California if she agreed with gay marriage. Miss California had an excellent response, stating in part that she believes a marriage should 'be between a man and a woman'.

Please watch the video below, when Perez Hilton blasts Miss California, even calling her a 'dumb b*tch'.


From where I'm sitting I say,

Miss California: I applaud your response! You go, girl! I love seeing young ladies in today's messed up world that still hold to strong moral truths, and are not afraid to voice it.

Perez Hilton: You're sounding like a dumb b*tch yourself. So, she has a different opinion than you.. SO WHAT? Your brazen comments on your video just confirm that you are liberal, left, progressive, gay, a hypocrite..oh, and....did I mention GAY !!??

I'm just not feelin' that love you liberals keep screaming about.

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ReligiousVomit said...

Miss CA would have had a better chance of winning had she not first said..."For my country..." and then adding "for MY family...", in saying the first part, she did alienate millions of people across America. The gay judge is right on his video blog... Miss America unites and inspires people. Miss CAs remarks did not do either. It's fine to have your own opinion and state the way that you really feel, but in uttering "For my COUNTRY", she is casting that assumption on everyone else in the US, and not everyone shares her opinion. If she had kept it to "for my family, I believe that marriage..." she would have had a lot better success. Besides... she should have known that in a beauty pageant like Miss America, you are suppossed to say the things that will appeal to the widest possible audience. She slit her own throat on that one. I'm sure she'll have a great career speaking for the conservative right though. God bless her and her opinions.