Homeless Numbers WAY up

Click on the title-USA Today article.

Who to pass blame on this one? Bush? Obama? Bernanke? Paulson? Geithner?


Every last one of them, including every member of Congress and every Senator is to blame.
They could have put a stop to the greed and corruption with the banks...BUT, guess what?
They were reaping the financial benefits themselves!

Have you heard the name Casano from AIG? If not, look him up. You think Madoff 'made off' with millions....that ain't nothing compared to Casano. Casano had the biggest ponzi scheme ever going on, FOR YEARS. Yes, the SEC knew about it. The Fed knew about it. The Treasury Secretary knew about. Even the President of the United States of America knew about it.

Did any of them stop it? Nope.

Sooo, here we are. Tent cities springing up, 2 million people have lost their jobs this year alone, people are losing their homes in record numbers.....Thanks guys. You are turning a great nation in to a debtor's prison.

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