Obama Quiet On Pirates

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So, why hasn't Obama said one word about the pirate hostage situation? I understand the argument that as 'Commander in Chief' he has 'people' that handle situations such as the military and Secretary of State. BUT....NO comment at all? Not even, "My administration is keeping me apprised of the situation', 'We are doing all we can to ensure the safe return of the Captain'....anything at all would be better than what he is saying, which is absolutely nothing at all.

Oh, I know! If he says nothing, and things go from bad to worse, then nobody can blame him? Sorry, Obama! You own this situation. All fault will lie squarely on your shoulders should this not have a happy ending!

The Captain, who is an American I might add, sacrificed his safety for the safety of his crew. The ship is carrying aid to Kenya or Somalia. Yet, here we are, four days into this, and you, Obama, have nothing to say. As a matter of fact, on Thursday, when asked by a reporter for your comment, your reply was .'Uh...er...we are talking about housing right now.' What an idiot!!!

It becomes more apparent each day where your priorities lie. And it is not for the betterment of America. Nope.

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