Hate Crimes Prevention Act Of 2009

Read it! Another step our Dear Leader Obamassiah is taking...only this time our freedom of speech is under attack. The Hate Crimes Act is not just about inflicting bodily harm on another. It IS about speaking out against Islam, homosexuals, transgenders or people of color.

Muslims are protected under Federal Law so this bill will not apply to their chants of 'death to christians', for example. How convenient.

H.R. 1913, when passed, is an attack on anyone, including religious leaders who speaks out against homosexuality or Islam.

They call it the Hate Crimes Bill, which begs one to ask;
Why oh WHY do we need a law against hate crimes??!! A crime, is a crime, is a crime, for cryin-out-loud! Every crime committed is one done with hatred!
Answer: It goes much deeper than that. This is about our Freedom Of Speech, or shall I say 'No Freedom Of Speech'. Please read the bill!

Canada, Britian and Australia are some countries that already have hate crime laws just like this one! Oh, interesting....they are socialist countries. Hmmm.....

Evangelical ministers have been arrested and charged for speaking against Islam or homosexuality in these countries. When I say speaking against, I am not just referring to statements such as: "You freakin' faggot!" Yes, that could get you arrested, too. But something Americans have been protected under....a little known thing called FREEDOM OF SPEECH is about to disappear. If your minister preaches a sermon and states that homosexuality is a sin according to God, that would be just cause for him to be arrested.

It is coming.....CONgress will be debating and voting this month. Better start peeling your Calvin peeing on Bin Laden bumper sticker off!

If the big boys don't see it, I'm sure some Left Winged, obama licking, tree hugging, 'all we need is love' fanatic will be dialing 911 to turn your conservative, law abiding, taxpaying lily white ass in.

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ReligiousVomit said...

Did you not read the info on the link you provided? You're completely off base. Nowhere in there does it say anything about arresting people for things that they say. That is bullcrap and you know it. The Hate Crimes Prevention Act simply tacks on greater penalties if your violent crime is MOTIVATED by race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc.... You are buying lies and trying to sell them to others.