Not So Smart

Finally, a crash test that admits the Smart Car may not after all be......uh....so smart? And....dangerous if hit head on? Who would have thunk it!

No kidding! Someone I love dearly has always referred to the Smart Car as the 'Dumb Car', and I am in complete agreement with him.

How could anyone that values their own life, strap themselves into a micro 'car' that resembles a child's toy, and jump on a public highway with traffic traveling at speeds of 55-65 MPH? To get better fuel mileage? Again, how dumb. If you wind up dead or permanently injured, the MPG ain't gonna matter, right?


ReligiousVomit said...

Then cars and trucks shouldn't share the same highways as semi-trucks, dump-trucks, city busses or anything else larger than them. The smart car, while a decent concept, could work if EVERYONE drove one. But they won't. They will drive their gas guzzling SUV's instead. So, of course a smart car is going to crumple like a soda can when it collides with a Hummer or an F-150 at highway speeds. It's the same argument people had about sub-compacts in the late 70's and early 80's. Then everyone started to follow suit and muscle cars became gutless shadows of thir former selves. But think about it... if EVERYONE did drive these "smart cars", your fuel consumption costs would go down, your insurance costs would go down, wear and tear on highways would lessen and require less tax payer money to fix, etc. What is really required, I believe, is a fundamental shift in our American attitudes about everything. We as Americans seem to believe that we need everything to be bigger and flashier and kick more ass. Without actually giving thought to the repercussions in the long run of our actions today. We are more concerned with if something CAN be done and doing it, rather than wheter it SHOULD be done or not. We are a nation of elitist gluttons and ignorant bullies. We are ROME!! You'd think with as technologically advanced as our society is, someone would have found a way to run a vehicle on just water. That's what we need to focus on. Water covers 70% of the planet, it seems only logical that we should try to harness the power of the life sustaining element that we have in readily available abundance.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Good argument in defense of small cars. I don't agree entirely, but good argument nonetheless.