Obama Scares New Yorkers

This is a great side by side picture! Picture on the

left is from today when our dumbass president thought it might be funny to scare the hell out of New Yorkers. Picture on the right was taken September 11, 2001...so we all know what we're looking at there. Is it any wonder New Yorkers were freaked out.

Dumbass Obama and his cronies were 'supposedly' doing a photo-op with Air Force One and a fighter jet, flying within 100 feet of buildings. The thing is, they didn't bother to notify the mayor or the residents of New York City...AND the FAA was prohibited to 'tell'.

Personally, I'm not buying any of their story. I've not idea why they did this but have two guesses:

1) Obama is an egotistical, sadistic muslim and thought he'd get a kick out of scaring the hell out of New Yorkers.
2) Diversion tactic. Goldman Sachs was evacuated this a.m. as a result of this scare tactic....bad economy....the players responsible for the bailout are Goldman Sachs executives. Just sayin'.

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